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The dew this morning April. ---------------------- Capricho de esta mañana de abril

Trifolium repens

Trifolium repens, commonly called white clover, is a species of clover native to Europe, northern Africa, and western Asia. It is cosmopolitan, appearing in different environments within the humid temperate climate. It is very important as forage.- --------------- Trifolium repens, llamada comúnmente trébol blanco, es una especie de trébol nativa de Europa, norte de África, y Asia occidental. Es cosmopolita, al aparecer en distintas ambientes dentro del clima templado húmedo. Es muy importante como forrajera.-

Trifolium pratense

You will always find small flowers on the way. Usted siempre encontrará pequeñas flores en el camino.

Small wonders of nature.

Drops of dew 3

Drops of dew 1


When you have not shot the photos recently, I have to use my extensive archive. Hope you like

Gray Days 3

Dew drops 4

Dew drops 3

Dew drops 2

Dew drops 1

dew drops

Happy day my friends



drops or planets?

Droplets of dew 4

Foto 1 = a conveniencia Editado

I would like to know your opinion

Droplets of dew 2

After the rain 1



Stock Photo

Drops 2

Drops 3

After the rain 2

love, our hearts

Drops 1

after the rain 1

Drops of Dew 2

Drops of Dew 1

A gift from heaven.


drops (please read note).

Having published 1800 photos I have come to the comclusión i'm a lousy photographer or have few friends. I have rarely exceeded 96 points. 97.2 was the highest score..

drops and textures.

Drops in the ivy.

drops and pure nature.

ATENCION: Estaré ausente unos dias por una intervención quirurgiaca de hernia inguinal. --------------------- ATTENTION: I will be absent several days for surgery of hernia inguinal..

After the rain.

Raindrops or diamonds ?

flower with drops.

Dew Drops.



This is a plant that is known as restless fat, Earrings, dancers, Belluguets, Belluguet fat, Lanterns. (Briza maxima) family of grasses. It blooms in April, May and June. By little wind that makes it very difficult to portray it as the name says not to stir up.. ------------------ Esta es una planta que se conoce como grasa inquieto, pendientes, bailarines, Belluguets, grasa Belluguet, Faroles. (Briza maxima) de la familia de las gramíneas. Florece en abril, mayo y junio. Por poco viento que hace que sea muy difícil de retratar como el nombre lo dice, no para estimularnos.-



four drops.