Josep Marés

Ava Gardner (Pandora)

Ava Gardner (Pandora) Tossa de Mar, one of the towns most photographed and uploaded to the network. Ranked 206 worldwide !!! The sculpture of Ava Gardner / Pandora always present !!!. TOSSA DE MAR, una de les viles més fotografiades i penjades a la xarxa. Ocupa el lloc 206 de tot el món!!! L'escultura d'Ava Gardner / Pandora sempre present!!!.

Photo? Watercolor? = Photoshop 3

My granddaughter Georgina and my dog ​​Stick

Tener fe

Foto robada en Blanes (Girona)


SONY DSC Alpha T100

a nap

At the Port of Blanes (Girona) Catalonia

Devotion to St. Lucia

Mi esposa en la catedral de Barcelona.

My friend Joan

My frien Joan (photografat) the door of the hut d'en Dalí (Salvador Dalí, famous painter)

the hereuete (La pubilleta)

The heiress was the heir of the female heir or beneficiary of the inheritance of men. Traditionally, when there was no male child was the child who inherited the house and the family fortune on the death of his father's old Catalonia. In rural families of eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the wife was the heiress instituted heir, when there were no sons in charge of heritage preservation. This is a legal and own in the Principality of Catalonia, including even within the Catalan civil law, which exists in no other culture, nation, or state in the world

My friend Joan(Photographer)

Meeting photographs in Palamos 4

Another friend named Joan

Beautiful girls.

Muchachas sirviendo degustacion de comodas de su pais a la gente de Breda (Catalunya) con motivo de las fiestas del pueblo.. -------------------- Girls tasting comfortable serving his country people of Breda (Catalunya) during village festivals..

To vary. Self Portrait on a Harley.